WelCome to theDOCWAY

theDOCWAY deals in ID authentication and ID scanning to help its clients to maximize their customer base by enhancing their user experience.

Now-a-days companies have a great concern of verifying the IDs of their clients. To solve this problem, we present our product that can scan and verify government approved IDs and separate them from the fake ones. theDOCWAY scans and verifies IDs quickly thereby saving time and preventing fraudulent activities. This feature is very useful for Banks and other financial institutions for fulfilling the KYC norms. Other industries like Real Estate, Travel, Retail and Telecom can also benefit from this feature as verification of client is a must in today’s world to check fraudulent activities.

theDOCWAY also helps users in filling up the forms quickly and correctly. This feature helps marketing  and retail firms to enhance the number of registrations on their sites. More number of forms filled at the site means large customer database and large database eventually leads to profit maximization.

For companies, doing business with ease and certainty is a challenge these days. But theDOCWAY is the most trustable partner when it comes to verifying the identities of people associated with any business house.